Metro Jr. Jets Association


Our organization strives on the adaptation of a the Metro Jets Development Program (MJDP) with a healthy balance between winning and advancement. With proven success, we utilize the fundamentals that create a learning environment that provides elite development methods. Our goal is to get you to buy in to a culture that will ultimately help with your exposure and promote you.

Metro Jets Development Program - MJDP

To provide the best platform and environment for players to have FUN, DEVELOP, and ADVANCE


We have 100% Non-Parent Coaches with years of experience at every level to help ensure each team is providing the best environment for the player to develop. With the majority of the focus put on individual and technical skills, players get a true environment of development.  


Every Jr. Jets Team practices and plays games in our own facility at Fraser Hockeyland and provided a private locker room. Each team is granted access to a private video room and gets off ice training at the M.A.T. facility which is located in the building. M.A.T. also grants every Jr.Jets player with a membership which allows them to train and shoot pucks off the ice as much as they want. 


Because the MJDP model is in place, Jr.Jets players are given the best opportunities to learn, train and advance to the next level. With a Jr. A team, players are now given a true ladder of opportunity to continue their develop while being provided the best exposure to colleges.  

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